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    This course provides the basic level of the Medicine Wheel, a global Shamanic Compass.  It is based on the elements, the carbon molecule, the seasons sand more.

    This tool allows the mind to balance and harmonize information in a quick easy way.  It is also a map of Consciousness and useful tool for Spiritual Journeys.

    This is the introductory course for Finding The Force, Church Of Natural Law.



    This 5 part series prepares you for Ayahuasca Ceremony. 

    Brought to you by the founder of the Church of the Natural Law.  Courtni StarHeart has 20 years experience, 10 years of training with a Native Medicine Man, an Ayahuasca lineage from a Colombian Taita as well as a dual BAS from American University in Washington DC. 

    This class includes insider knowledge about Ayahuasca Retreat here in New Mexico as well as abroad.  Prepare yourself and learn how to find a good Retreat and what pitfalls to avoid as well.

    There are special bonus tracks with drum Journey as well as information on the power of community in your healing Journey!

    This is the second level series of Finding the Force.